Monday, 30 May 2016

Deluge Rotations - New works

22 June - 17 July

Opening Saturday 25th June 3 - 5 pm. 
‘Deluge Rotations’ is a new body of work by Simon Finn. The works include, drawing, animation and sculpture and are a continued exploration into the variable syntheses between artist, environment and technology. Finn utilises the spatial and temporal capabilities of virtual representations as subject matter that comes into being somewhere between experimental verification and poetic speculation.
The presented artwork’s motif is an observation tower emitting a simulated liquid force from its core. The observation tower is intended to have dual symbolism: the first being that of power, oppression and its structural fragility, and secondly that of our ability to witness future natural events through vision and data interpretation. The violent toxic vortex flow being discharged from the center is emblematic of an internal and social deluge of indoctrination.

The range of static imagery generated through computation is staged and then re-imagined with the hand, using traditional drawing processes, and advanced machinery. This process allows Finn to observe an otherwise unattainable rupturing of time and facilitate a faceted network of production. 

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